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1. Historic Plain Township: People and Places.

A summary of the first survey of plain Township according to the Land Act of 1796 and subsequent disposal of public lands, together with a description of five historic houses still standing in the Township.
Written by John Saveson.

2. Historic New Albany: People and Places.
Brief biographies of the two founders of New Albany, Noble Landon and William Yantis, together with descriptions of four historic houses still standing in the Village.
Written by John Saveson.

3. Those Were the Days: Aziel Shockley’s Eighty-Seven Years in Plain Township.
A lifelong resident’s remembrance of the life of farm women in the Township from early in the twentieth century.
Edited by John Saveson.

4. In the House that George Built: A Dialogue with Clark Cubbage.
A Plain Township farmer’s account of his antecedents, personal life, and career.
Edited by John Saveson.

5. Revolutionary War Veterans in Plain Township: John Clouse and John Smith.
Detailed reconstructions of the military service of the two Revolutionary War veterans buried in Plain Township.
Written by John Saveson.

6. Before and After the Civil War: Legacy of an Ansbach Grenadier.
An account of the Heischman family of Gahanna and New Albany, focused on their service in the Revolution and the Civil War.
Written by John Saveson.

7. The Autobiography of Archibald Smith and Related Documents.
An account of personal experience written late in life by one of the most active of the pioneers.
Edited by John Saveson.

8. Founders of New Albany, Ohio: Noble Landon and William Yantis.
Copious documentation of the ancestry, characters and careers of the two men who laid out the town of New Albany in 1837; A Bicentennial project.
Written by John Saveson and Richard P. Yantis.

9. The George and Christina Ealy House of New Albany, Ohio.
Written by John Saveson.


Out of Print
1. Crossroads Cookbook
Edited by Jim Heischman
290 trusted local recipes with an emphasis on old-time favorites. Foreword, “From Dandelion Wine to Zucchini Bread,” by John Saveson.

2. A History of New Albany: A Framework
Compiled by New Albany High School Students with the assistance of Rudy Sever and the Historical Society.

3. New Albany-Plain Township History Activity Book
By Theresa Kempker (ages 6-11)

4. Postcards bearing the Historical Society’s logo
Designed by Lowell Parrill. In packets of 10.